Top 10 Special Armored Vehicles 2021

Amazing armored special vehicles that are used for the transport of valuables medical emergency missions or for crowd control.

These are the 10 most amazing special armored vehicles.

10. BearCat MedEvac G3

It is an off-road rescue vehicle that is used for medical emergency missions and for the recovery and protection of people.

It has an engine with 440 horsepower that allows it to reach a speed of 87 miles per hour. It can carry up to 12 people and weighs 8 tons.

It has an illuminated workstation with space for medical supplies and is equipped with an NIJ 4 level steel armor.

9. HAFEET Ambulance

It is a six-wheel off-road ambulance specially designed for desert areas. It is used to provide medical care to people in difficult areas.

It has a space for the complete medical team with two stretchers and to transport five people. It has an engine with 360 horsepower and a range of 434 miles at a speed of 62 km/h.

8. STREIT Sherp-ARK 10×10

It is an all-terrain vehicle that is designed to transport people or cargo in difficult conditions.

It can move through areas with snow mud water and transport up to 18 people. It is made of steel and aluminum and has a weight of four and a half tons.

It has an engine with 74 horsepower and can reach a speed exceeding 18 miles per hour on the ground and for in the water.

7. Bronco

It is an articulated amphibious vehicle that moves on tracks. It can be used for multiple types of missions and move through any type of terrain such as sand mud and snow.

It weighs 10 tons and can carry up to 16 people. Its engine has 350 horsepower and can reach a speed of 37 miles per hour on the road and 3 on the water.

6. HAFEET 620

It is a six-wheel off-road truck that is designed to transport loads in difficult places. It’s able to quickly cross areas with mud or water without difficulty.

It can carry two occupants and has a large space to transport different types of payloads. It can reach a speed of 68 miles per hour and can be used to travel by convoy along with other vehicles.

5. Mercedes-Based “Cash In Transit”

It is a money transport vehicle that is based on a Mercedes truck. It’s been prepared by the company incus and is used to transport large loads of cash.

It is also used to transport jewelry and other valuables of larger size. It has full perimeter protection and a spacious interior and it’s ideal for confidential collection.

4. Superior APC

It is a multi-purpose vehicle that is designed for the transport of personnel or for medical evacuation missions. It can move through irregular terrain and transport up to 14 people.

It has a spacious interior and is equipped with thermal and infrared vision systems. It has an engine with 330 horsepower that allows it to reach a speed of 80 miles per hour.

3. VAB MK3

It is a medium-weight six-wheel amphibious vehicle capable of moving through any terrain. It is designed to offer high performance and mobility protection and payload.

It’s equipped with camera vision systems and can transport 12 people. Its great maneuverability makes it ideal for urban or mountainous environments where areas with water must be crossed.

2. PTV

It is a transport vehicle that is equipped with high safety measures. It’s used to transport people from detention centers to penitentiary.

Its interior is configurable and is equipped with surveillance cameras and a security system. It can carry eight passengers safely and has a b7 armored level.

1. Water Truck

It is a truck equipped with water ejection systems designed to be used in crowd control. It’s used in difficult situations with the aim of preserving order and for the extinction of fires.

It can launch water jets 65 meters away and has spray systems to protect the exterior of the vehicle. It has a diesel engine with 280 horsepower that allows it to breakthrough in any situation you.

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