Top 10 Rescue Robots 2021

Amazing new generation robots which can be remotely controlled and used in search-and-rescue operations in different types of environments.

These are the 10 most advanced rescue robots in the world.

10. Emily

It is a maritime rescue robot that works by moving toward people who need to be rescued and taking them to a safe place.

It measures almost two meters and weighs 11 kilos it can reach a speed of 18 miles per hour and overcome waves of up to 30 feet.

It costs $10,000 and it’s currently in service in different countries such as the United States Greece or Brazil.

9. Guardian s

It is an inspection robot that can be used to search for people who have been trapped in hard-to-reach places.

It can cross difficult terrain such as mud and water and overcome different types of obstacles and weighs 17 pounds and can transmit images voice and data in real time.

It costs around $60,000 and the company intends to market it between 2019 and 2020.

8. Robo Q

It is a robot equipped with mobile arms that is remotely controlled wirelessly through a station.

It is used to search for survivors in difficult areas and deliver supplies or medical equipment.

It has a weight of 3,300 pounds and works powered by a diesel engine. It’s currently in service at a fire department in Japan.

7. bear

It is an agile and fast robot that was designed to rescue people who need to be evacuated. It can move through any terrain climb stairs or manipulate objects.

It can also open doors and even go through them it’s equipped with different cameras and sensors and it’s controlled remotely. It is able to stand up and lift a weight of up to 500 pounds.

6. Saphir

It is a humanoid firefighter robot that is designed to assist in firefighting work on American ships.

It measures more than one and a half meters and weighs 150 pounds. It’s equipped with sensors and cameras that allow it to move through the smoke and can use water hoses with precision.

It works supported by a drone that is equipped with thermal and infrared vision and detects fires to indicate to the robot where it should go.

5. Colossus

It is a fire fighter robot that can move through all types of terrain and be controlled from a distance of three miles.

It’s made of steel and aluminum and has a weight of 1,100 pounds. It has an autonomy of up to 12 hours and can carry a weight of up to one ton. It is currently being used by a French fire department.

4. MV f5

It is a heavy robotic vehicle that has been designed for use in firefighting.

It measures almost 19 feet in total and has a weight of 16 tons. It has a video surveillance system with nine cameras and can be operated from 5000 feet away.

It is also equipped with a dozer blade and a rotating mechanical caliper that it uses to move heavy objects.

3. any mole

It is a multi-purpose quadropod robot that can operate autonomously in any environment.

It’s designed to move through any type of terrain climb stairs or use an elevator. It can use wheels to move quickly or a robotic arm to hold objects.

It has sensors and cameras that allow it to identify roots to be able to perform rescue work and find people.

2. Sentaro

It is a quad repent robot with wheels that is designed for search and rescue operations.

It can be controlled remotely through a telepresence suit it can climb stairs and open doors or manipulate tools and objects with great precision.

It’s made of aluminum and titanium alloys and weighs 200 pounds. Its articulated body allows it to make precise movements with great strength and speed.

1. Walkman

It is a humanoid robot that can open doors and manipulate different types of objects. He participated in the DARPA Robotics in 2015 and has since improved considerably.

It measures almost 7 feet and weighs 220 pounds. It works by reproducing the movements of its operator and can even drive a car. It aims to work together with humans in different types of rescue operations.

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