Top 10 Most Expensive and Biggest Presidential Planes 2021

Amazing presidential planes that are equipped with the most advanced security systems that exist and are used to transport heads of state throughout the world.

these are the 10 most expensive and big presidential planes in the world

10. Saudi Arabia

The royal family and the government of Saudi Arabia have a fleet of planes for their official travels. The king of the country uses a Boeing 747 that flies accompanied by other planes.

That transport its entourage which can be made up of a total of 1,500 people. The plane is specially equipped for the king and has a cost of 228 million dollars.

9. China

The president uses to commercial airplanes that belong to an airline for his government visits and business trips. These planes are prepared every time they are going to be used by modifying them to increase their comfort and safety.

Once used the planes are restored and used again as passenger planes. The aircraft are priced at 250 million dollars and specific details about the modifications are unknown.

8. Italy

Since 2016 the president uses an Airbus A340 plane for official long-distance flights which is priced at 260 million dollars. This aircraft has an autonomy of 10,000 miles and can fly at 40,000 feet of altitude.

The Italian president also has other aircraft that are operated by the Italian Air Force and add up to a total value of about 600 million dollars.

7. France

The French government acquired in 2010 its current presidential aircraft Airbus a330 at a cost of 270 million dollars. It was specially equipped to fulfill its function in security systems communications and a medical center were added.

This presidential fleet is operated by transport squadron 60 which has its base south of Paris. The president also has other aircraft such as the Falcon 7x which he uses for short distance trips.

6. United Kingdom

The presidential plane is nicknamed cam force one and is operated by the royal air force. It is used for the official transport of the country’s prime minister and also of members of the royal family.

It measures 190 feet in length and has more than 150 seats it had a cost of 250 million dollars plus another 20 million in modifications.

5. United Arab Emirates

The country has a presidential fleet composed of six different aircraft models. These airplanes are used for the official transport of the members of the government when they make long-distance trips to different countries of the world.

The largest aircraft is the Boeing 777-300 which measures 242 feet and has a cost of 280 million dollars.

4. Germany

The presidential plane dubbed Konrad Adenauer was acquired in 2011 and replaced the previous Airbus A310. It is used for official trips by the German Chancellor or the Federal President and also for diplomatic businesses.

It measures 206 feet in length and can carry more than 140 passengers. The plane has a wide variety of security technology and costs 300 million dollars.

3. Japan

The Japanese government has two presidential planes that are used by the Emperor, the Prime Minister and other senior officials. These aircraft entered service in 2019 to replace the previous Boeing 747.

They are used for government trips and for emergency relief missions in the country. The aircraft cost 315 million dollars and are operated by the Japan Air self-defense force.

2. Russia

The President of Russia has an il 96 that he uses for long-distance official trips. The plane is a highly modified version that has been equipped with luxury details although the technical details are secret.

It is known that it has multiple advanced security systems. The plane measures 180 feet in length and its value is estimated at 500 million dollars.

1. United States

Any aircraft that carries the President of the United States is called Air Force One. The president currently uses a Boeing 747-200 for long-distance journeys the government has two identical planes that are operated by the United States Air Force.

The aircraft includes multiple advanced security systems and has an estimated price of 1 billion dollars. Currently the government is already working on a new presidential plane that will cost about 5 billion dollars and is expected to be completed in 2021.

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