Top 10 Largest Mining Machines in the World

amazing mining machines which are capable of drilling hard rock surfaces or moving large amounts of earth.

 these are the ten largest mining machines in the world.

10. vermeer t1255

It is a surface miner designed for big projects that are performed on hard rock surfaces.

It measures 36 feet and weighs 100 tonnes. It is used to perform massive excavations in surface mines and quarries. It has a motor of 600 horsepower and a drum of 13 feet of width with which it excavates and crushes the material at once.

9. boomer Excel 3d

It is a three-arm frontal drilling rig used to drill holes in the rock it is used to advance galleries or tunnels among other applications and can drill 1,300 feet per hour.

It measures 55 feet and weighs 42 tons it performs drilling up to 13 feet in which charges are then introduced to knock down the rock.

8. cat 24 m

It is a motor grader designed to build and maintain haul roads and is used in large mining operations.

It measures 52 feet long and weighs 65 tons the blade measures 23 feet wide by 1 high and can withstand a traction of 43 tonnes. it has a 500-horsepower engine and can reach more than 25 miles per hour.

7. cat 657 G

It is a scraper that is used to cut uniform layers of earth or minerals and to carry them.

It weighs 67 tonnes and measures 52 feet. it works with a front blade that cuts the material and pushes it to the container which closes when full. it has a 600-horsepower engine and can reach 34 miles per hour and load 108 cubic feet

6. our 3000h

It is an unloader that is designed for underground mining work in hard rock mines. It is used for loading hauling and unloading of materials.

It measures 40 feet and weighs 56 tons it has a 400-horsepower engine and can reach 18 miles per hour you can load it with 20 metric tonnes and lift the Spade up to a height of 10 feet.

5. Komatsu d5 75

It is a bulldozer mainly used in surface mines for the movement of large amounts of Earth it has a 1,200-horsepower engine and can move at 7 miles per hour.

Measuring 40 feet in length and weighing 130 tonnes the blade measures 13 feet high by 26 feet long and can push up to 230 cubic feet of soil.

4. MD 66 40

It is a rotary drill that weighs 150 tonnes and is 98 feet high by 65 feet long. it is designed to make holes in hard rock floors where explosive charges are introduced.

it works with a 600-horsepower electric motor. It can introduce tubes of 59 feet and make holes of 15 inches up to 280 feet deep

3. Bela’s 75 710

It is a haul truck that is used to charge rock in mines and weighs 360 tonnes. It measures 65 feet long by 32 feet wide and 26 feet high. It can reach a speed of 40 miles per hour and can reach 25 fully-loaded.

It operates with 2 diesel engines of 2300 horsepower each and can load 450 metric tonnes of material.

2. pH 40 100x PC

It is an electric cable excavator with capacity to load 260 cubic feet or 115 tonnes. It is used in high production mines to quickly load trucks over 200 tonnes.

It measures 49 feet long by 46 feet wide and has a height of 65 feet. it weighs 1,500 tonnes and has a price of about 18 million dollars.

1. bagger 288

It is a bucket-wheel excavator that was built in Germany for use in coal mining. It measures 720 feet long by 314 wide and weighs 14,000 tonnes. It moves on 12 continuous tracks at half at 0.3 miles per hour.

it’s bucket to wheel measures 65 feet in diameter and can extract 240,000 tonnes of material per day. it is higher than the Statue of Liberty and heavier than the Eiffel Tower and costs more than 100 million dollars.

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