Top 10 New Electric Trucks 2021

Amazing new generation electric trucks that can circulate autonomously and travel long distances with large loads.

These are the top ten new electric trucks.

1. Einride T-pod

It is an autonomous truck that is designed to be sustainable profitable and safe. It has a range of 125 miles and reaches a maximum speed of 52 miles per hour.

It has cameras and sensors that can detect any object and identify traffic signs. It has a large load capacity and weighs 26 tonnes.

It works with an intelligent operating system that obtains real-time data so that the vehicle identifies the most efficient route optimizing energy and delivery time.

2. MAN CitE

It is a new truck that is designed to transport goods in urban environments such as the delivery of refrigerated products or courier. it aims to increase efficiency and driving safety.

Its engine has a power of 220 kilowatts and can carry a load of up to 6 tonnes. It has a battery life of 110 kilowatts with intelligent load management and a range of up to 62 miles.

3. Freightliner eM2

It is a new truck that’s been specially manufactured to be used by local distribution companies.

It has a battery with 325 kilowatts and an autonomy of 230 miles. It can develop a power of 480 horses and recharge 80% of the battery in 60 minutes.

Currently the first units are being tested by different transportation companies in North America.

4. E-Fuso Vision One

It is a heavy truck with futuristic appearance which is designed for the transport of medium distance goods.

It’s equipped with 300 kilowatt batteries and has an autonomy of 217 miles. It has a weight of 23 tonnes and can carry a load of 11 tons.

the company intends to market in in the coming years in Japan Europe and the United States.

5. Mercedes-Benz eActros

It is a new high-capacity truck that is used for daily delivery in cities. It works powered by two electric motors with 250 kilowatts of power in total and can carry a load of up to 11 tonnes and has a range of up to 124 miles.

It’s currently in the testing phase and the company expects to market it from 2021.

6. Kenworth T680

It is a new generation truck that works powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. It is a zero-emission vehicle with a 560-horsepower engine. Its lithium battery provides a range of 298 miles.

The company has manufactured 10 units to begin the testing phase in different ports in the United States.


It is a medium sized truck designed for the distribution of large loads in urban areas.

Its electric motor can generate a power of 210 kilowatts or 280 horsepower and can carry a weight of up to 37 tonnes. It has a 170 kilowatts battery that can be charged quickly in 30 minutes and an approximate range of 62 miles.

8. Nikola Tre

It is the third generation of the electric truck manufactured by the company and works powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.

Its electric motors generate 750 kilowatts or 1000 horsepower. It has a range of up to 745 miles and can be recharged in 15 minutes.

The company will begin construction of the refill stations in 2020 and the truck is expected to begin selling in 2023.

9. Volvo Vera

It is an autonomous truck that is designed to transport large loads and logistics centers factories or ports.

It can transport trailers of up to 32 tons and is always connected to the transport control center.

It is currently being used in a port in Sweden and aims to make transport more efficient and safer.

10. Tesla Semi

It is a semi-autonomous truck that works powered by four engines with 1000 horsepower in total.

It can accelerate from zero to 60 miles per hour in five seconds without load or in twenty seconds with a load of 36 tonnes.

It’s equipped with multiple sensors and cameras and will always be connected to the Internet to update. It has an autonomy of 497 miles and the company intends to deliver the first units in 2020.

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