10 Most Amazing Abandoned Helicopters in the World 2021

Amazing helicopters that were used in different types of missions and that have been abandoned all over the world.

These are the 10 most amazing abandoned helicopters in the world.

10. AH-1 Cobra

it is an American helicopter that entered service in 1967. The Marine Corps used it for different types of missions such as escorting other helicopters on transport or reconnaissance missions.

It measures 52 feet and weighs 2.5 tonnes. Its design gave rise to the twin-engine version Super Cobra and was later replaced by the ah-64 Apache.

9. H-19 Chickasaw

It is a multi-purpose helicopter manufactured in the United States and England. That was introduced in 1950. It was used by the United States Army for transport and medical evacuation missions.

It measures 62 feet and weighs 2 tonnes. In all more than 1500 units were manufactured and this was a gift from the Queen of England to the Republic of Ghana on one of her visits.

8. Mi-2

it is a small transport helicopter that belonged to the Soviet Air Force. it was manufactured in Poland and came into service in 1965.

it measures more than 36 feet and weighs more than 2 tonnes. in total more than 7,200 units were manufactured and used by more than 30 countries beginning in 1990. Helicopters began to become obsolete and were gradually withdrawn.

7. Wessex

It is a British multipurpose helicopter that was introduced in 1961. it was manufactured for the British Royal Navy and was mainly used in search and rescue missions. it was also used to transport supplies and troops from 1980.

It measures 65 feet and weighs almost 4 tonnes. The helicopters were replaced by the sea king and were removed in 1989.

6. Mi-24V

It is a soviet helicopter that began to be manufactured in 1969 and measures 55 feet and weighs more than 8 tonnes.

It can reach a speed of 280 miles per hour and transport 8 passengers. In total more than 2,000 units have been manufactured and have been used by around 50 countries and are still in service.

5. Yak-24

It is a heavy transport helicopter manufactured by the Soviet Union. It was introduced in 1955 and in total about 40 units were manufactured as of 1958.

It measures 68 feet and weighs 10 tonnes. It could carry 30 passengers or 30 tonnes of cargo. Its manufacturer was suspended due to technical complications and was withdrawn.

4. CH-47 Chinook

It is a heavy cargo transport helicopter that was introduced in the United States in 1962. It is used for troop transport and refueling and can carry up to 50 passengers.

It measures 98 feet and weighs 10 tonnes. In total more than 1000 units have been manufactured and it is still in production and in service in around 20 countries.

3. H-21

It is a multi-purpose helicopter that was developed for the Navy of the United States in 1953. It was used for rescue missions in the Arctic because of cork with temperatures below 50 degrees below zero.

It measures 85 feet and weighs 3 and a half tonnes. It was designed with that shape to ensure that the rotors do not hit each other.


It is a Soviet aerial crane that was designed for the transport of heavy loads.

It measures 105 feet and weighs 25 tonnes it was introduced in 1963 and a total of 55 units were manufactured.

It works with two engines with more than 5,000 horsepower each and can carry 28 passengers or up to 15 tons of cargo on its platform.

1. Mi-6

It is a heavy helicopter manufactured in the Soviet Union that entered service in 1962. It was used in search-and-rescue operations medical evacuation and in the extinction of fires until it was withdrawn in 2002. 

It measures 108 feet and weighs 26 tonnes it can carry 65 passengers or 12 tons of cargo. In total almost one thousand units were built and used by more than 15 countries.

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