Top 10 Military Robotic Vehicles in the World 2021

Advanced robotic vehicles that can cross any type of terrain and be used in different types of missions.

These are the ten most advanced military robotic vehicles in the world.

1. XR-P

It is a robotic platform designed for the transport of loads which moves on four tracks. It is used for resupply tasks and transportation of supplies in difficult areas.

It measures nine point two feet and weighs 1.1 tonnes. It can carry a weight of 1.2 tons and tow 1760 pounds simultaneously.

It is powered by a combustion engine and can carry out loading and unloading operations autonomously.


It is a six wheel off road transport platform which is designed to carry payloads. it can operate autonomously and be used in surveillance or medical evacuation missions.

It has a weight of two tonnes and can carry up to 1,300 pounds of cargo. It works powered by a hybrid engine that allows it to reach a speed of 25 miles per hour.

3. Hunter WOLF

It is a six wheeled vehicle that is designed to traverse narrow hills steep slopes or dense forests. It is used for different types of missions such as cargo transportation.

It measures 7.5 feet and weighs 1.6 tonnes. It uses an electric hybrid drive system and can travel in silent mode.

It can reach a maximum speed of 14 miles per hour and has a range of 100 miles.

4. Mission Master

It is a multi-purpose vehicle that is designed for medical surveillance transport or evacuation missions. It has eight-wheel drive and works powered by an electric motor.

It can move through difficult terrain and has an autonomy of eight hours. it can operate semi autonomously and automatically follow its operator. In addition to travelling together with other vehicles.

5. Ironclad UGV

It is an armored robotic vehicle that is designed for reconnaissance or surveillance missions.

It measures 8.2 feet and weighs one ton it can be controlled 12.4 miles away and deploy reconnaissance drones. Each wheel has its own electric motor and travels at a speed of 12 per hour.

It’s flexible frame chassis provides high maneuverability and stability under a

6. T7

It is a highly maneuverable multi-purpose vehicle that is designed to be used for special missions. Rides on tracks and can traverse difficult terrain climb slopes and even stairs.

It has a long extendable arm with a clamp which allows you to manipulate all kinds of objects and open doors. It has an advanced control station that allows it to be controlled with great precision.

7. Kobra 710

It is a multi-purpose robot that’s been designed to increase safety and effectiveness in different missions. It can be used in multiple tasks such as medical evacuation or vehicle inspection.

It measures 36 inches and weighs 365 pounds. it can be used indoors and outdoors and reaches a speed of 6.8 miles per hour.

It can also overcome difficult obstacles and continue to function even if it falls.

8. BOGAC 6×6

It is a new six-wheel autonomous vehicle that has been designed to perform tactical missions.

It measures 8.2 feet and weighs 1.8 tonnes. you can create 3D terrain maps and work in conjunction with other unmanned vehicles.

It uses a hybrid propulsion system and can reach a speed of 7.5 miles per hour. The arms of its wheels are designed so that it can continue moving in any position.

9. Fantom UGV

It is a six-wheel off-road vehicle that can be used for border surveillance or medical evacuation missions.

It can be controlled from 6.2 miles away and work in any weather condition even at night. It is 9.8 feet long and can carry loads of up to 770 pounds.

It works powered by a hybrid engine and can reach a top speed of 23 miles per hour.

10. THeMIS

It is a multifunctional transport platform that can move through difficult terrain such as mud and snow. it can be remotely controlled or operate autonomously and follow its operator.

It has a weight of 1.5 tons and reaches a speed of 15 miles per hour. It can be equipped with different accessories and used for multiple tasks such as transporting supplies.



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