Real Car Builder Auto Repair Car Mechanic Games 19

You have enjoyed best car builder games now enter a real car maker factory to build custom sports cars.
Grab your auto repair toolkit, put on the car mechanic suit and head to car maker factory. Start building sports cars in an automatic car factory. Play the best car mechanic games working in car builder workshop to assemble sports cars from scratch. Transport the new custom build cars to the market for sale. Build multiple sports cars in the car builder factory and transform yourself from rags to riches.

Detailed Car Manufacturing Process:
First stop at car assembly line is to weld the car frame using welding nozzle, then attach car doors to the body. Moving ahead the assembly line, attach car bumper and car bonnet. Apply the base paint on the body before the final paint job. In next step, attach car tyres and take car in paint shop. Custom paint the car with color of choice from automatic spray paint and then move on to the heating room for drying the car paint. Now the car exterior is done and shift to the car interior. Place car floor with seats and steering wheel along with car dashboard. Place the car interior in the body and move forward the assembly line to install car engine. Use robotic arms and cranes throughout the car building process to quickly build cars in factory. Install the sports car engine at the front and take the car quality test. Analyze the car engine performance before going for a test drive. When the sports car is ready to drive on city roads, load it on the car transporter truck and deliver them to car showroom.

Enjoy the first hand experience of driving sports cars right out of the car maker factory. Start working as car mechanic and build sports cars from scratch in real car maker factory. Play the best car maker games of 2019 to custom build real sports car.COLLAPSE


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