Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics is an engineering app for mechanical engineering students and professionals. The branch of science that deals with the study of fluids (liquids and gases) in a state of rest or motion is an important subject of Civil, Mechanical and Chemical Engineering.

The app covers full syllabus of mechanical engineering. There are complete chapters, topics and video tutorial with easy explanation which makes the content easy to understand.

There are some important topics in the app which are viscosity, Centrifugal Pump, properties of fluid, fluid mechanics, turbines, hydraulic turbines, fluid coupling, centrifugal pumps, pump installation and centrifugal pump.

Fluid mechanics deals with three aspects of the fluid: static, kinematics, and dynamics aspects:

1) Fluid statics: The fluid which is in state of rest is called as static fluid and its study is called as fluid statics.

2) Fluid kinematics: The fluid which is in state of motion is called as moving fluid. The study of moving fluid without considering the effect of external pressures is called as fluid kinematics.

3) Fluid dynamics: The branch of science which studies the effect of all pressures including the external pressures on the moving fluid is called as fluid dynamics.

Common Applications of Fluids :

1) Hydroelectric Power Plants
2) Hydraulic machines
3) Automobiles
4) Refrigerators and Air Conditioners
5) Thermal Power Plants
6) Nuclear power plants
7) Fluids as a Renewable Energy Source
8) Operating Various Instruments
9) Heat Engines

Some of the topics Covered in the app are:

  1. Energy Equation
  2. General Introduction
  3. Momentum Transfer Principles
  4. Euler Theory (Elementary)
  5. Modern Theory of Turbomachines
  6. Necessity for flow unsteadiness
  7. Approximate calculation of deviation after Stodola
  8. Some Practical Considerations (Actual Machine Design)
  9. Coefficients and Efficiencies
  10. Dimensional Analysis
  11. Application of Dimensional Analysis on Turbomachines
  12. Performance Curves
  13. Reynolds Number Effect
  14. Specific Speed
  15. Hydraulic Turbines
  16. Cascade Nomenclature
  17. Lift and Drag
  18. The Cascades in Motion
  19. Cascade Performance
  20. Mach Number Effect
  21. Ideal Characteristics
  22. The Head-Capacity Curve of a Straight Cascade:
  23. Radial Cascade
  24. Singularity Method
  25. Method of Solution for Single Airfoil
  26. Conformal Transformation Method
  27. Centrifugal Pumps (Radial)
  28. Centrifugal Pump Actual Performance
  29. Brake Horsepower and Efficiency Curves
  30. Influence of Physical Properties on Performance
  31. Leakage Calculation
  32. Mechanical Seals
  33. Axial Thrust
  34. Impeller Design
  35. Centrifugal Pump Types
  36. Axial Pumps (Propeller Pumps)
  37. Study of Flow Inside the Rotor (Radial Equilibrium)
  38. Performance of Axial Flow Propeller Pumps
  39. Pump Selection and Applications
  40. Design of the Intake Chamber of Vertical Pumps
  41. Pressure Surges (Water Hammer) in Piping Systems
  42. Pump Installation
  43. Impulse Turbines (Pelton Wheel)
  44. Reaction Turbines
  45. Head Delivered by Turbine and Draft Tube
  46. Types of Draft Tube
  47. Some Turbines Installations
  48. Fluid Coupling
  49. Equation of state
  50. Laws of Thermodynamics
  51. Compression of Gasses
  52. Plane Compressible Flow
  53. Gothert’s Rule
  54. Fans
  55. Head and Power
  56. Coefficients and Specific Speed
  57. Radial Type Impeller Design
  58. Reciprocating Pumps
  59. Instantaneous Rate of Flow
  60. Rotary Pumps
  61. Performance of Positive Pumps
  63. Diffuser Types
  64. Vaned Diffuser
  65. Volute Type Diffuser

Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for better learning and quick understanding.

Fluid mechanics is part of Mechanical, Civil, Chemical engineering education courses and technology degree programs at various universities.


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