10 Safest Presidential Cars in the World

Amazing vehicles that have been heavily armored to protect leaders from all over the world in any situation.

these are the 10 safest presidential cars in the world.

10. Germany

German Chancellor Angela Merkel uses an armored out ea8 of 2016 it has a b7 level armor and is ready to get out of any situation it also has a fire extinguishing system air supply and emergency communication equipment this vehicle has passed the tests that the German State Police carried out on presidential vehicles and is considered the Audi’s safest model.

9. Malaysia

the king of Malaysia has a rolls-royce phantom series 2 that he used on the day of his coronation the car is used for official events and its predecessor also used it until 2016 this vehicle can incorporate a b7 level armor and is one of the most luxurious presidential cars in the world.

8. United Kingdom

the Queen of England uses a Bentley limousine which the company manufactured for her in 2002 the vehicle is fully armoured and equipped with different security measures it is used for official events and is always escorted by a large number of security vehicles in total only two vehicles have been manufactured like this and their value is estimated at around 10 million dollars

7. Cameroon

the president of Cameroon uses a new armored limousine that has been customized by the class and company the vehicle is a Range Rover Sentinel with a 340 horsepower engine the company has modified the car extending it 3 feet and incorporating a b7 level armor the vehicle is priced at around $500,000 and was first seen at a national parade organized in May 2018

6. India

the President of India uses a Mercedes luxury limousine which is one of the most used by leaders around the world it has 500 horsepower and has all kinds of safety systems and equipment this vehicle manufactured in Germany has a b7 level armor and its price is over 1 million dollars.

5. Japan

the Emperor of Japan uses a car manufactured by Toyota that has been specifically prepared for the imperial family the luxury vehicle has a weight of three tons and has been modified with security measures that have not been disclosed in total four units were manufactured that are used for different functions and costs around $1,000,000.

4. China the president of China uses a luxury armored vehicle of the hong-chih brand which is the most expensive car that is manufactured in the country this model of presidential car is used for official events and was first seen at a military parade in 2015 there are two versions that are used by the government and one more for civil use that has a price of $600,000.

3. South Korea

the president of South Korea uses a Honda ekeus limousine specifically designed for the position it has been manufactured in collaboration with a German company specialized in armored vehicles and has cost 1 million dollars in addition to the armored glass the interior has also been reinforced with steel and Kevlar achieving a b7 level armor the vehicle also has a fire extinguishing system infrared vision and oxygen supply.

2. Russia

the Russian president uses a new limousine Orissa not that has been manufactured in Russia by the Namie company the new armored vehicle is equipped with several advanced security systems and can reach a speed of up to 155 miles per hour the limousine was publicly presented in May 2018 and belongs to a series of government and business vehicles manufactured by the company

1. United States

the President of the United States uses a new Cadillac limousine which is known as the Beast and was introduced in 2018 the vehicle is always accompanied by other copies of the limo to increase the president’s safety it’s made of titanium steel and aluminum and has all kinds of security and communication systems the interior of the vehicle is completely sealed and its high level of armor is capable of resisting any type of situation.

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