10 Safest Money Transport Vehicles in the World

amazing armored vehicles that are used to transport money are precious metals for different types of companies such as banks or jewelers which need large-scale transport services of values.

these are the 10 safest money transport vehicles in the world

10. mercedes-benz sprinter 515

it is a medium-sized armored vehicle that is used for rapid transport services it is operated by the company egya cash which provides securities transportation services in egypt it is fully armored and equipped with a 150 horsepower motor it measures 19 feet long by six feet wide and weighs ten thousand pounds it can transport different types of cargo safely with a total weight of up to two thousand four hundred pounds it has a door opening control system camera system and screens and can drive even with damaged tires.

9. mercedes-benz sprinter 718

it is an off-road values transport vehicle which has been armored by the german company carl fredericks it has been designed to move on all types of terrain maintaining the stability and safety of your load the vehicle is fully armored to protect it in any situation and the company has other vehicles that can escort it during the journeys it has ample space to transport loads safely and has a weight of 14 000 pounds it has a camera system armored glass front and is equipped with reinforced tires.

8. mercedes custom

it is an armored vehicle for the transport of values that has been manufactured on the chassis of a mercedes truck it has been armored and prepared by the canadian company incus armored which is a leading company in the design and production of armored vehicles this vehicle is also used to transport large loads of value such as cash it can also be used to transport other types of objects such as jewelry and larger valuables the vehicle has full perimeter protection and a spacious interior and is ideal for confidential transportation.

7. mercedes-benz 915e

it is a high-performance armored vehicle which is operated by the peruvian company hermes this company is dedicated to the transfer and custody of values and its facilities have a processing plant and vaults this vehicle is used to transport money precious metals jewelry and other valuables it is 16 feet long and has a load capacity of 13 000 pounds the company provides its services to financial governmental or commercial entities in peru it has highly trained personnel and has a fleet made up of different types of armored vehicles.

6. volkswagen 9160ce

it is a medium-sized armored vehicle that is operated by the brazilian company grupo protege it is used to collect goods in places such as distribution centers and transport them safely to the required place it is equipped with an engine with 162 horsepower and has a weight of 19 000 pounds each vehicle is protected by four security guards and always operates with the authorization of the company’s intelligence center this new generation vehicle is heavily armored and can traverse obstacles and move with great maneuverability.

5. volkswagen 13160

it is a large capacity vehicle that is used to transport money metals or precious stones its wide rear part allows it to transport large loads placed on pallets the vehicle is operated by the company ibl volores which is one of the main logistics companies in brazil and has multiple vehicles it is dedicated to transporting large volumes of cargo in different sectors and works with companies or institutions that need transport service and securities exchange this vehicle is always protected by specialized security personnel and is tracked and monitored throughout the day.

4. mercedes-benz axor

it is a truck with high load capacity which is specially prepared for the transport of values on a large scale it is part of the vehicle fleet of the italian company grupo batistoli this company provides high-tech security services to banks international jewelers and other types of companies it operates in the italian territory 24 hours a day 365 days a year for 60 years the company has specialized personnel and high-tech facilities trucks collect and deliver different types of valuables and are always guarded and monitored.

3. mercedes-benz atigo 3030

it is a truck with a large load capacity that is operated by the brazilian company grubo commando g8 this company is specialized in providing security services to different types of companies this vehicle is heavily armored and has a large load capacity to transport different types of objects the company has different types of vehicles and provides services of transportation of values air escort or personal security among others this truck has different safety systems it is equipped with an engine with 290 horsepower and has a load capacity of 40 000 pounds.

2. volkswagen 25 420 titanos

it is a heavily armored truck that is operated by the brazilian company groupo protege it is used to transport high value goods on a large scale from places such as distribution centers its safe cargo service facilitates the work of companies in different sectors it measures 45 feet in length and has space to transport up to 28 pallets or 56 000 pounds it has steel armor of the highest resistance and is always protected by a group of security guards it is monitored 24 hours a day and its opening is carried out remotely from the company’s intelligence center.

1. mercedes-benz axor

it is a heavily armored truck that is operated in brazil by the procedure company the mercedes-benz company has made special modifications to this vehicle to increase its capabilities and resistance it has different advanced security systems which guarantee the protection of the content the truck can carry two semi-trailers with a total load capacity of 6200 cubic feet its great power and versatility allow it to efficiently transport different types of cargo this truck is used in factories or distribution centers to transport valuable goods such as luxury items money or gold bars.

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